Don’t miss out on free Indian astrology

There is nothing like getting a free Indian astrology reading. This is because Indian astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate systems of prediction, and even a limited forecast that is free has great value. This is good both for the clients and the Indian astrologers, who provide free Indian astrology reading to their net-based clients.

All Indian astrology predictions, including the free Indian astrology reading, are based on the position of seven planets, the 12 houses and the 12 zodiac signs. Besides this, the free Indian astrology readings are drawn from the north and the south nodal points of the moon, which are referred to in Indian astrology as Rahu and Ketu. Another important factor that is used to make the calculations is the position of nakshatras or constellations.

The areas that the free Indian astrology reading cover are the individual’s finances, career prospects, personality traits, physical and mental health and spiritual knowledge. The forecasts, however, are limited because they are meant to be used as a bait to get clients to subscribe to paid services. Most of the forecasts given as part of the free Indian astrology service are generated using customized software. They lack the depth of horoscopes prepared by Indian astrologers as a paid service.

But this does not mean that you should not use the free Indian astrology service. You should definitely try prashnas or questions. This free Indian astrology service is based on the Indian science of numbers. The answers may be generalized but they do provide some good insight into your personality.

Some Indian astrologers run websites where an individual can enter his date of birth, time of birth and day of birth and generate a free Indian astrology reading. These applications are either bought off the shelf or custom built. The ones that are custom built are more accurate.

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