People love astrology because it can predict relationships

People love astrology because it can help them know their future. But this is not the only reason why people love astrology. There is an even more powerful reason, and that is the astrology’s ability to forecast a compatible relationship between man and woman.

Astrology has been used for ages to find partners. In several countries like India, astrology even today is used to organize matches. It is this aspect of astrology that is described as “love astrology”.

Fortunately, love astrology is not as difficult as other branches of astrology. An astrologer is able to trace the path of love and compatibility by studying the interaction and influence of Venus, Mars, Moon and Neptune. The astrologer also uses the signs present in the fifth, seventh and eight houses to work out the love astrology report.

Venus has long been regarded as the planet of love. Naturally it also dictates an individual’s love life. However, it is important to remember that though the planet influences relationships, its influence varies from person to person. For instance someone with Venus in Aries may only feel the influence of Venus whereas someone with Venus in Capricorn might be highly loving and caring.

Similarly, Moon symbolizes feminity. It radiates feelings of security, care and affection. That is why the position of Moon in a man’s chart is so important. It helps the astrologer draw the profile of the woman suited for him. Like Venus, the influence of moon also varies from person to person.

Mars and Neptune, which are associated with energy, activity, dreams and illusions, also play an important role in our lives. Besides this, the fifth, seventh and the eight houses in our astrology chart also influence our love lives. The fifth house influences our attitude, the seventh house helps us to determine the qualities that we seek in our partner and the eighth house influences our deepest and most intimate feelings.

The astrologer takes all these things into consideration when he draws up an individual’s love astrology report.

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