Indian astrology believes that destiny is pre-ordained

Indian astrology is as old as Indian society. Its tenets can be found in ancient Hindu religious texts which are thousands of years old. An interesting feature of Indian astrology is that it believes that human beings have been created by divine forces and each person’s destiny is pre-ordained. Besides this, Indian astrology stresses the harmony of body and soul with the universe.

The ancient sages had worked hard in laying down the principles of Indian astrology. They almost raised Indian astrology to the level of a science. This is why most forecasts made under Indian astrology are very accurate. Besides forecasts, Indian astrology is used to suggest solutions. These include special prayers to ward off evil signs and wearing of gemstones to remove impediments from an individual’s path.

One of the key uses of Indian astrology is to prepare horoscopes based on an individual’s natal chart. These horoscopes are then used for matchmaking. Indian astrology is also used to forecast the good and the bad days during a year as well as the good and the bad times in a 24-hour cycle. These forecasts are followed religiously by Indians, especially businessmen and politicians, when starting a new activity.

Like other ancient astrological systems, Indian astrology is also based on the planets, sun, moon and the stars. The sun is believed to be the source and the sustainer of the various life forms that exist on earth. Moon too is assigned special importance because it is believed to influence the emotional nature of man.

Indian astrology uses of seven major planets, 12 different houses, 27 nakshatras or constellations and the 12 zodiac signs in making predictions. The zodiac signs are similar to the western zodiac signs except that they are based on the moon. That is why they are known as moon signs.

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