Free astrology software can make life easier for astrologers

The free astrology software has not only made life easy for astrologers but even for beginners. Today, everyone can aspire to make forecasts, thanks to the free astrology software available on the net. All that the individual needs to do is to download the free astrology software and install it on his hard drive. He is now in business!

The free astrology software helps the astrologers, both budding and veteran, construct complicated charts with ease; and to determine minute changes in the location of the planets, sun, moon and various constellations. This activity would have taken considerable time and patience if it were carried out using the normal tools available to an astrologer.

Some of the free astrology software available on the net includes SE_Aspectarian, Astro123, AstrAstr, AstroWin, Election Helper, AstroClk, AstroClock ,Screen Saver and MatchMkr. Each of these software programs perform specific functions. The Aspectarian program is used to make complicated planetary calculations while Astro123 is used to make charts, especially natal and transit reports.

Astro Win is used for determining solar arcs, solar returns, lunar returns and numerology. It is also used for determining the planetary hours, astro-relocation maps and diurnals. Astr Astr is used for preparing natal charts, determining secondary progressions and centaur reports. Astroclk provides information related to astrology while Matchmkr, as the name suggests, is used for horoscope matching.

All these free astrology software applications come with user friendly tutorials that help beginners learn how to use them. However, it is important to remember that the free astrology software is only a tool. It can supplement an astrologer’s work but it cannot replace an astrologer. You need to study the basic tenets of astrology in a formal or an informal environment before you can put the free astrology software to good use.

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