Free astrology reading is useful bait

An important component of astrology, especially on the net, is free astrology reading. The free astrology reading is offered as a bait to lure a client to a site. This practice is not limited to the net alone. Several astrologers too offer free astrology reading to attract clients in the offline world.

The free astrology reading is based on your natal chart or birth chart. Today any astrologer can buy astrology software off the shelf to prepare the natal chart. The fields that need to be filled are the time of birth, date of birth, day of birth and the latitude and longitude of the city where an individual is born.

This information is used by the software to generate the exact location of the planets, stars and the constellation at the time of your birth. The astrologer studies your natal chart to give the appropriate readings. Several smart astrologers have programmed their systems to make generalized readings made on the basis of the natal chart. The browser therefore gets a free astrology reading.

The free astrology reading is limited to some broad general trends that you can expect in your life. These include your personality traits, health condition, romance possibilities or career prospects. Some readings also hint at the possibility of fame and prosperity coming your way.

However, what you must realize is that the free astrology reading is only an appetizer. It is a smart way to convince you that you can obtain much more valuable information if you opt for paid service. You are likely to be convinced too because the broad trends will be based either on your planetary position or on your zodiac signs. But they will tempt you to pay for the full service. There is nothing wrong in this because the astrologer is charging for his skills in reading and interpreting planetary positions.

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