Financial astrology should be used as an indicator only

Financial astrology is used for business predictions and financial analysis. It has two sub-divisions: financial consultation and market forecasts. Financial consultation is the more important branch of financial astrology, and is used by businessmen and corporate leaders when they are planning a new venture.

Most businessmen use financial astrology to determine the time at which deals, especially acquisitions and mergers, should be finalized. Some businessmen take help of financial astrology even while hiring or firing employees. It is important to remember that every astrologer is not a good financial astrologer. You should therefore select an astrologer who is clued into industry and economy if you want to make use of financial astrology.

In financial astrology, all forecasts are made after studying the company’s astrology chart, which is almost like an individual’s natal chart. The chart contains the exact location of the planets and the stars at the time the company was founded. This is done by using the time, day and date of the setting up of the company. The readings are based on the changes in the location and the planetary influences. Other than that special importance is given to the location of the building, the employees and the owner of the company. Their personal charts too are studied in conjunction with the company’s astrology chart before arriving at conclusions.

The second branch of financial astrology is market forecasting. It is used mainly for selecting stock, equities and indices. It is a more futuristic method of astrology wherein the charts are consulted but the answers may not be totally dependent on the charts alone. This is not an exact science, and there are several imponderables involved in it. A user should make use of this branch of financial astrology only at his own risk.

In fact, it is always advisable to use forecasts made under financial astrology as an indicator only.

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