Couples should take astrology relationship report seriously

Astrology relationship can be determined by analyzing those elements of the birth chart that are related to relationships. These elements comprise the location of the moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune, and the signs on the cusps of the fifth, seventh and eighth houses. The astrologer analyzes this information to come up with an astrology relationship report.

The moon, which symbolizes feminity, is associated with instincts and has a direct impact on personal relationships. In a man’s chart, the location of the moon and the influence it has on other planets is used to establish the type of women he will be attracted to or will be attracted by.

Similarly, the planet Venus is connected with love and the outward display of emotions. In a man’s chart the position of the Venus often influences the position of the moon. It also indicates the ideal woman in his life.

The planet Mars is associated with activity and energy. In a woman’s chart, the position of Mars and the sun decides the type of man she might be attracted to.

The sign on the cusp of the fifth house governs the attitude of a person in a relationship. It can swing from negligence to deep love. Similarly, the sign on the cusp of the seventh house helps in deciding which person attracts you the most and why. The sign on the cusp of the eighth house affects the person’s most intimate feelings towards another person.

You can study these signs and come up with an astrology relationship report. If the astrology relationship report is prepared well then it can well indicate the type of relationship a man will share with other women or vice versa.

The first step to prepare an astrology relationship report remains the natal chart. It is this chart that forms the basis of all astrology relationship studies governing an individual’s behavior.

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