Astrology online sites have given a new dimension to forecasts

Astrology may be one of the oldest sciences known to man but it has adapted very well to the net. There are hundreds of astrology online sites. These astrology online sites provide both instant and detailed forecasts, and are among the most popular sites on the net.

Most of the astrology online sites use the Indian, Chinese or western methods of prediction. They have been set up by both known and unknown astrologers, who have found the net a new way to reach out to clients across the world. A few of them also offer free forecasts. These forecasts are generated by specialized astrology software that enables users to learn their future once they have filled up the different fields.

The online astrology sites also use systems like numerology and tarot reading to make forecasts. Some of them also provide information on Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra, two great Oriental sciences devoted to home, health and well-being. A few astrology online sites also use software to forecast love compatibility based on natal charts.

The most popular features available on astrology online sites are personal profiles, natal chart-based analysis, match making; weekly and monthly readings and forecasts based on zodiac signs. Some of these readings are provided free of cost. A few online sites have also hosted astrology software that provide instant forecasts once the user enters the date of birth, time of birth and place of berth. However, these forecasts are generalized. The more accurate forecasts are based on natal charts.

A few astrology online sites, especially the ones that have been put up by Indian astrologers, provide the good and bad hours during the day. There is a great following for these forecasts among businessmen and politicians who start a new activity only at the good time forecast by an astrologer.

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